Lightning in a Solution

AI-Enabled Fraud Detection

Unleash AI against fraud! Our NLP and Computer Vision solution reduced manual touchpoints by 80%, achieving a 95% accuracy rate—transforming operations and safeguarding finances.

Resident Maintenance Revolution

Experience the future of maintenance! Our AWS-powered app, blending React Native and ML, delivers a 40% boost in resident satisfaction, slashes callbacks by 50%, and enhances tech productivity.

New-age Writing Assistant

Elevate communication with emotion-infused AI! Prioritizing emotional intelligence, our model reshapes AI interactions—rebuilding trust, fostering connections, and boosting productivity.

360-degree Industry Coverage


Enhance your finances effortlessly with real-time fraud protection, smart investment strategies, and automated customer service for a seamless experience.


Upgrade your shopping journey with personalized recommendations, efficient inventory management, and AI-driven support for convenient retail experiences.


Optimize your production process with AI. Predictive maintenance, quality control with AI vision, and streamlined supply chain management ensure smooth operations.


Simplify learning with personalized lessons, intelligent tutoring systems, and automated grading for a tailored education experience.


Improve connectivity with enhanced network performance, data-driven customer interactions, and predictive equipment maintenance for a reliable telecom experience.


Navigate the future of driving with self-driving tech, predictive maintenance for a smooth ride, and AI-powered traffic control for efficient journeys.

Real Estate

Elevate your property dealings. Accurate valuations, hassle-free customer interactions, and market trend predictions for strategic real estate decisions.

AI – Unleashed!

Revolutionizing Property Management That Fuels Continued Growth and Success

The Client is a beacon of innovation and ambition regarding property management. With an extensive portfolio comprising over 100 apartment complexes and a staggering 20,000+ rented units, the Client has firmly established itself as a prominent player. Guided by a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of growth, the Client constantly seeks new avenues to elevate its services and better serve its tenants.

AI-Enabled Fraud Detection for a Proptech Company

A leading Proptech company collaborated with Allion to address a significant challenge in its lease application process. The company faced a situation where many incoming applications exhibited subtle document manipulations. Given the limitations of existing manual inspection methods, this presented both a growth opportunity and a strategic imperative.

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