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Connect, Engage, and Conquer

Mobile apps bring your brand closer to customers, creating personalized connections worldwide. It's like having a global conversation that feels unique.

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Smooth Sailing Operations

Streamline your work like a pro! Mobile apps make your daily tasks a breeze, cutting down on manual efforts and boosting your team's productivity.

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Smart Decisions, Big Impact

Dive into the data game! Mobile apps provide valuable insights for sharp decision-making, keeping you agile in a world that moves at digital speed.

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Brand Buzz and Cash Flow

Be the talk of the town! Mobile apps amplify your brand's visibility, attracting more users and creating new revenue streams. It's not just an app; it's your digital success story!

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UI/UX Wizardry

Our knack for creating cool interfaces isn't just about looks – it's about making your taps and swipes feel awesome and make sense. We keep your crowd glued with a must-have experience!

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Building Your Tribe

We're not just building apps; we're creating the cool factor that keeps users coming back. With your brand always in their pocket, we're forming a squad of loyal fans, keeping you in the groove.

Crafting Next-Gen Mobile Experiences

Crafting Next-Gen Mobile Experiences

Turn your ideas into digital wonders!

Retail Revolution

Shop, save, and savor exclusive deals with your mobile app. Experience seamless, cashless transactions, bringing the store to your fingertips.

Health Hub

Your health journey simplified—consult with doctors, receive personalized reminders, and access secure health records all within your mobile app.

Finance at Your Fingertips

Manage finances effortlessly with mobile banking, real-time updates, and biometric security for ultimate peace of mind.

Real Estate Revolution

Discover your dream home through your mobile listings, take virtual tours, and fast-track transactions with streamlined submissions.


Learning meets fun with interactive e-learning, fostering a seamless connection between teachers and students in the palm of your hand.

Manufacturing Mastermind

Track your supply chain, streamline field operations, and witness seamless team collaboration—all within our mobile solution.

“Allion Technologies has been providing software development services for Medi Map for the last few years. With Allion’s Engineering team, we have developed our mission-critical mobile application, which links to the web service platform. We are really happy with our engagement with Allion and the outcome. We have developed a long-term relationship with Allion’s team and looking forward to doing more exciting projects with Allion in the Medical Industry.”

Greg Garratt
CEO – Medimap (New Zealand)

A Revolution in Your Hand

Medicine Tracking and
Stock Refill Made Simpler With
Mymeds Mobile App

New Zealand-based Medi-Map is the leading medication management software for care organizations. It needed a comprehensive solution that could help patients improve the self-management of medicines. Allion Technologies developed MyMeds mobile app that makes medicine management simpler for these patients.

Alligo Realizes a Significant Cost Reduction in Its Order Management Process

Alligo, a major player in Workwear, PPE, and Tools & Supplies in the Nordic region, revamped its order management process. They introduced a dynamic mobile application integrated with their ERP system via a REST API. Developed in eleven months using React Native, Redux, TypeScript, and JavaScript, the app offered real-time updates on stock and orders, improving purchasing efficiency and user experience.

Empower your business

Transformation with a tech stack forged for excellence.

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