Online learning has become a norm, and to this day, it is still one of the biggest revolutions we have witnessed. Throwing away the traditional means of going to school with your books, studying, and getting back was shown that it was outdated, outmatched, and outclassed by how technology evolved to change what it means to study.  

This has enabled educators to democratize education as an industry, go far beyond barriers, and offer high-quality educational resources for all Canadians. Education should not be limited to geographical location or socioeconomic status. 

What E-Learning Actually Address 

Picture this, a student residing in a remote community may very well hold dreams of studying computer science or aeronautical engineering. Before e-learning, access to these programs may have been geographically limited. However, as of now, online learning platforms provide an unbiased stage for anyone interested in studying these programs. The availability of coding classes, boot camps, and access to an arsenal of learning material in the comfort of your home absolutely change student lives for the better. 

With the rising cost of tuition and flexible learning options to counter that, many Canadian universities are seeing a sudden surge in students enrolling in these online programs. With course material and flexibility provided, higher education becomes accessible and achievable than a geographically restriction traditional education. With this, colleges benefit by being able to offer these programs to a much broader audience and headcount, thus increasing revenue and diversifying programs. 
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The flexibility these programs offer has been remarkable in the lives of working adults who are motivated to elevate their lives through professional development. Affordable certifications leading to a better quality workforce are a great place to be as a country. 


This, however, is not without its challenges. Quality assurance has posed significant hurdles to the education industry. Ensuring the quality and integrity of online courses and maintaining student engagement have been issues to address and are currently being tackled by educators across the globe. 

What We Do 

At Allion, we understand the importance of education and the power technology can bring to transform it for good. As a solution provider, we have worked with leading education industry giants in providing personalized e-learning, examination platforms for global certifications, and emotion-infused writing assistants for better communication. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we made significant strides in the tech space and the education industry. 


The education industry in Canada is growing fast. It’s opening doors for an incredible amount of students both local and international to experience the quality education it provides. Now with online learning in its arsenal, Canada is on a path to build one of the most inclusive education systems that empower its citizens regardless of their background. 

As one of the most sought-after destinations for higher education and beyond, Canada has taken incredible steps to be a global leader in education. With e-learning in its arsenal, Canada can build a more inclusive and equitable education system that empowers individuals to reach their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstances.