Tech Evolutions
Across Industries!

Revolutionizing Patient Care

Imagine healthcare that’s not just about treating illnesses but revolutionizing patient care. Modernized healthcare apps streamline communication and patient records and ensure truly patient-centric delivery.

Transforming Shopping Adventures

Ever wished shopping could be more than transactions? Welcome to a retail world transformed! Application modernization brings personalized experiences, optimizes inventory, and turns e-commerce into a seamless adventure.

Simplified Production

In manufacturing, it’s about making production a breeze. With application modernization, your supply chain becomes a well-oiled machine, and equipment gets predictive maintenance and product quality? It’s not just improved; it’s top-notch.

Financial Services
Securing Your Finances

Let’s talk financial services with a touch of security. Modern apps aren’t just for transactions; they’re your personal guards. They detect fraud, provide a smooth digital banking experience, and ensure all financial regulations are followed—keeping your money-moves secure.

Tailored Learning

Imagine education that’s not one-size-fits-all but tailored just for you. That’s what application modernization brings. Learning becomes adaptive, administrative tasks are a breeze and even remote learning? It’s not just possible; it’s part of the seamless experience.

Revitalize Your Systems

Revitalize Your Systems

What we offer

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Revitalize with a Tech Glow-Up

Experience a tech glow-up without the hassle! We breathe new life into your applications, giving them a sleek, modern look that's efficient and a joy to navigate.

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Seamless Transitions, Future-Ready

Say goodbye to tech struggles, and hello to the future! Our application modernization ensures smooth transitions, making your apps up-to-date and ready for whatever comes next.

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Boost Efficiency With Ease of Use!

Boost efficiency and user experience in one go! Our modernization isn't just a facelift— it's a proactive rebuild that supports you with insights and enhancements and integrations, helping you work better.

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Tailored Modernization for You

Your apps, your way! We customize the modernization process to align with your unique needs, ensuring your applications reflect your style and goals. No more tech FOMO!

“Our partnership with Allion was a success; their team of experts enabled the successful integration between our existing translation workflow system and assessment management platform. This helped ACER increase its IT operational efficiency by up to 125% in translation work support.”

Alisdair Daws
CIO – ACER (Australia)

Legacies Rewritten

ACER Realizes a 125% Operational Efficiency for Translation Overhead

Allion worked in close collaboration with the information technology arm of ACER to support the optimization, streamlining, and integration of ACER’s translation system and assessment management platform, with the goal to empower project staff with the ability to manage translation needs without IT involvement.

Alligo Realizes a Significant Cost Reduction in Its Order Management Process

Alligo, a major player in Workwear, PPE, and Tools & Supplies in the Nordic region, revamped its order management process. They introduced a dynamic mobile application integrated with their ERP system via a REST API. Developed in eleven months using React Native, Redux, TypeScript, and JavaScript, the app offered real-time updates on stock and orders, improving purchasing efficiency and user experience.

SMART Solution Transforms
the Traditional Scrap Metal Industry

Vinning AB, established in 2019, is a prominent player in Sweden’s scrap metal industry, acquiring local businesses to develop sustainable solutions. Facing manual processing challenges due to outdated IT systems, they partnered with Allion to implement a comprehensive digital solution called SMART. This solution streamlined operations, automated processes, and optimized the supply chain, leading to enhanced efficiency and business growth.

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