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Real Estate Reinvented

Transform real estate transactions by connecting property databases, customer tools, and transaction management systems. Simplify buying and selling processes for agents and clients alike.

Manufacturing in Sync

Redefine manufacturing with connected systems. Integrations link production systems, supply chains, and quality control. Real-time data flow means less downtime, more efficiency, and agile decision-making in manufacturing.

Financial Fusion

Juggle your finances effortlessly. Integrations give you a bird’s eye view of your financial world, making transactions smoother, automating data transfers, and adding an extra layer of security. Thrive in the digital jungle of finance!

Education Empowered

Bid farewell to administrative chaos in education. Integrations bring together student management, learning platforms, and communication tools. It’s the perfect recipe for a seamless educational journey, fostering a spirit of constant learning.

“Our partnership with Allion was a success; their team of experts delivered the functional requirements that enhanced GetZeN’s program administration, session enrollment, and client management platform with customizable functionalities such as account creation and self-enrollment. GetZeN was able to achieve an impressive 56% increase in customer wins in just three months, by leveraging the improved program management system .”

Katy Holliday
Co-Founder – GetZeN (UK)

Middleware That Change The Game

ACER Realizes a 125% Operational Efficiency for Translation Overhead

Allion worked in close collaboration with the information technology arm of ACER to support the optimization, streamlining, and integration of ACER’s translation system and assessment management platform, with the goal to empower project staff with the ability to manage translation needs without IT involvement.

Alligo Realizes a Significant Cost Reduction in Its Order Management Process

Alligo, a major player in Workwear, PPE, and Tools & Supplies in the Nordic region, revamped its order management process. They introduced a dynamic mobile application integrated with their ERP system via a REST API. Developed in eleven months using React Native, Redux, TypeScript, and JavaScript, the app offered real-time updates on stock and orders, improving purchasing efficiency and user experience.

Amplify Your Decision Making Process

Above-industry data driven solutions from a top-of-the-line techs tack!

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